A Most Demanding Photo Shoot

Photo © Paul Cotter Photography

When I had the idea for this photo, I never dreamed my wife would agree to pose for it. But to my surprise, Bonnie was more than game.

She took a month of intensive yoga classes, enabling her to hold a comfortable headstand on the concrete floor. And for total realism, she practiced sipping hot coffee while in this inverted pose. (Yes, that cup is full.)

Bonnie was such a good sport, she even allowed me to apply a strong adhesive to the bottom of her shoes so she could hold this position for several minutes while I made small adjustments to her pose and the composition of the scene.

Oh, and one more thing: April Fool’s!

We actually accomplished this headstand in a much simpler way. (No, it wasn't done with Photoshop.) See if you can figure it out.

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