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Seeing Charlotte With Fresh Eyes (Part 2)

Photos © Paul Cotter Photography

In last month's blog, I shared some of my recent color photographs of Charlotte, NC. This month, I'll show the same city from a different perspective: all black-and-white.

These images, like the color photos I shared last month, were all taken in Charlotte within the last year. Once again, my goal was to look at the city with fresh eyes after focusing my photography on the West Coast for the last several years.

Instead of capturing a literal representation of the city's architecture, I've been looking to capture the different moods, the flow of life -- the soul of Charlotte, the third-fastest-growing major city in the United States.

Again, no special digital effects were used to create the images you see here -- no compositing, no funky filters. Everything you see was captured organically, while shooting, as I explored the areas in and around Charlotte's center city.

I used color photography to show the sleeker, vibrant side of Charlotte's personality. Black and white, on the other hand, feels well suited for capturing the side with rougher edges and textures -- like the NoDa district shown below. This cool arty neighborhood is teeming with microbreweries, cafes, galleries and live music venues that are a marked contrast to the gleaming corporate skyscrapers Uptown.


Black-and-white is also a good fit for classic street photography, which is the photojournalistic style of capturing life's candid moments. As I wandered with my camera through the different areas of the city, I found plenty of these moments in Charlotte.

And when I did turn to the city's architecture as a subject, I tried to show it in a different way, as you'll see below. These are not the typical skyline beauty scenes you'll see on Charlotte postcards.

So there you have it -- a selected sampling of recent views of Charlotte, in both color and black and white, taken by a photographer who has a deep fondness for this city and the potential that it holds. The city is still a work in progress, still growing, ever changing, continually evolving. 

I like to think that the same can be said about my photographic explorations of the city:  They are, and hopefully will always remain, an evolving work in progress.

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