Bring Out The Best In Me

Photography & Copywriting by Paul Cotter

Design by Jean Schweikhard

For the third year,  I had the privilege of partnering with Jean Schweikhard, my very talented art director friend, to create a new admissions campaign for Carondelet High School. I shot the photography and wrote the copy, while Jean designed the superb graphic look.

Carondelet is an outstanding all-girls Catholic school in East Bay, California. For this year's campaign to attract enrollment applications, we wanted to show how the school empowers young women to reach their highest potential. Jean and I presented six different campaign ideas. Here's a look at some pieces from the campaign that was chosen, titled Bring Out the Best in Me.



With this aspirational campaign, we created a compelling way to show the talents and dreams that are inside each student, waiting to be realized. These three posters are displayed in local middle schools, encouraging 8th Grade girls to choose Carondelet for their high school experience.


Using actual Carondelet students, I shot two photos of each young woman -- one of her face, and one of her engaged in her favorite activity. Jean combined the two images into a montage with textured graphics in the background. For the body copy, I wrote from the student's point of view, explaining with passion what she wants from life and from her school.


One of the things we like about this campaign is that it sets Carondelet apart. When we looked at the marketing materials being done by other schools, we saw a lot of sameness:  group shots of smiling kids, earnest students at desks, etc. We wanted to do something different -- something emotional, inspirational and unique. This campaign gives Carondelet its own distinctive voice.


Design flexibility was crucial, because the messages appear in a variety of sizes, shapes and media. For these small digital ads on targeted websites, we kept things simple by eliminating the photo composite and using only the "action" photos. Clicking anywhere on the ad takes you to the Carondelet website.


Along with outdoor displays and other campaign elements, we also created a 12-page book providing detailed information about the school. 

The good news: Carondelet reports that the newly launched campaign is already generating very favorable feedback in the community.

I'd like to thank Carondelet for giving us the opportunity to work with them. When a client provides the freedom to explore new approaches, it Brings Out The Best in a creative team.

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