30 Years Later: Joy Strikes Twice

Photos © Paul Cotter Photography

Nearly 30 years ago, I had the unforgettable joy of photographing our son the instant his toes first touched sand.  This week, I experienced the magical sequel:  I photographed his daughter -- our granddaughter -- the first time she ran free in a large open park.

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This beautiful little girl, who turned one in December, had been cooped up inside since she started walking. The weather was unseasonably frigid.  When the cold snap finally broke and the temperatures hit the 70s this week, I took her to a nearby park and let her run free through the grass.

Seeing these photos side by side, I'm struck by the similarities:  the fingers splayed back in glee, the faces beaming with joy and wonder.

Two moments, separated by decades, overlapping in uncanny symmetry. Sometimes life is twice the adventure we ever hoped it could be.

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